Wantagh Bagels Wantagh Bagels
Wantagh Bagels Wantagh Bagels
C A T E R I N G   M E N U
Specializing in basket and platter arrangements to suit your every need. We create many arrays of catering from a simple mini bagel basket to a bagel hero to a pyramid of delectable sandwiches. Our catering is for all occasions, Holidays, Luncheons, Business Meetings, Gift Platters, Shivas, Bris', Bar and Bat Mitzvahs to name a few. Corporate Accounts Welcomed.
Wantagh Bagels
Wantagh Bagels
Bagel Heroes
Our Bagel Heroes are not your normal Hero. The Hero is made with our family recipe dough making it our specialty. Mix & Match two sandwiches with Pickles, Cole Slaw, Potato & Macaroni Salads.
Wantagh Bagels
Bagel Hero Italian
Grilled Chicken
Grilled Veggies
Smoked Fish Medley Platter
This delectable platter is centered with a beautiful stuffed whitefish surrounded by the following choices of hand carved fish.
Wantagh Bagels
Smoked Fish Medley Platter Sable
Baked Salmon
Belly Lox (salty)
Whitefish Cubbs
Nova Scotia Lox
Long Island Bagel Breakfast (Continetal)
An array of Bagels, Cream Cheese, Butter, Jelly, Pastries in a basket or on a platter with Coffee, Tea, Juice & Cutlery.
$7.95 per person (15 minimum).
Wantagh Bagels
Long Island Bagel Breakfast
Hot Bagel Breakfast
Scrambled eggs, Omelets, Bagels (with Cream Cheese, Butter & Jelly) Sausage Links, Home Fries with Coffee, Tea, Juices, Cutlery, Racks & Sternos.
$11.00 per person (20 minimum).
If you need a server, we can provide one for $150.00 + Tax for 4 Hours.
Bagel Nosh
Sliced Nova, 2 of our Homemade Cream Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Cucumbers.
12-15 people - $135.00
18-20 people - $175.00
Cream Cheese Platter
Any of our homemade Cream Cheese on a platter with Lettuce, Tomato & Cucumbers.
12-15 people - $44.95
20-25 people - $74.95
Smoked Fish Medley
Nova or Belly Lox, Herring Filets, Stuffed Whitefish, Sable, Kippered Salmon, also comes with 3 of our Homemade Cream Cheese on platters.
$14.95 per person (12 minimum).
Wantagh Bagels
Wrap & Bagelwich Baskets
Pick from our wide selection of Signature Bagelwiches & Wraps in a basket or halved and placed in a basket wrapped in clear plastic wrap.
Wantagh Bagels
Wrap Basket
Fresh Fruit
A selection of Fresh Fruit sliced a placed in a basket or on a platter, $2.99 + tax per person.
Wantagh Bagels
Bagel Hero
Cheese Platters
Sliced or Cubed Cheeses with a selection of Crackers, 10-15 people - $39.99, 20-25 people - $59.99
Wantagh Bagels
Cheese Platters
Boar's Head - Cold Cuts
A wide selection of Cold cuts and Cheeses to be arranged on a platter for your special occasion.
Wantagh Bagels Bologna
Genoa Salami
Turkey Breast
Roast Beef
Smoked Turkey
Peppercorn Turkey
Honey Glazed Turkey
Wantagh Bagels American
Alpine Swiss
(low cal.)
Wantagh Bagels

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